Medical Billing Services

Overview of our medical billing services.

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Medical Billing

Comprehensive Billing Solutions

Our expert team specializes in medical billing services, ensuring accurate and timely reimbursement for healthcare providers.

Claim Processing

Efficiently process claims, submit them to insurance companies, and follow up for maximum reimbursement.

Denial Management

Proactively manage claim denials, identify root causes, and resubmit claims for approval.

Patient Billing

Transparent and easy-to-understand patient billing to ensure prompt payments and patient satisfaction.

Physical Billing

Streamlined Revenue Cycle

We handle physical therapy billing with precision, streamlining the revenue cycle for your practice.

Insurance Claims

Efficiently process insurance claims, reducing delays and increasing revenue.

Payment Collections

We manage payment collections to ensure a steady cash flow for your practice.

Coding Accuracy

Accurate medical coding for physical therapy services to prevent claim denials.

Laboratory Billing

Precision Billing Solutions

Our laboratory billing services ensure accurate coding and billing for laboratory tests, maximizing your revenue.

Test Coding

Accurate coding of laboratory tests for precise billing and reimbursement.

Advanced Testing

Billing expertise for advanced and specialized laboratory testing.

Revenue Optimization

Strategies to optimize revenue from laboratory services.

AR Recovery

Effective Accounts Receivable Recovery

Our AR recovery services help you recover outstanding payments, improving your cash flow.

Debt Recovery

Efficiently recover outstanding debts and unpaid invoices.

Payment Analysis

Analyze payment trends and develop strategies for recovery.


Negotiate with clients for mutually beneficial payment solutions.

Credentialing Services

Billing Solutions essential for Healthcare providers

Credentialing in medical billing refers to the process of verifying and validating the qualifications, licenses, and certifications of healthcare providers and facilities. It is essential for ensuring that healthcare providers are eligible to bill insurance companies and receive payments for the services they provide.

Credentialing specializing in all the states

Particularly those who want to participate in various insurance networks across all states.

Data gathering & CAQH Enrollment

Gathering data and enrolling in the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH).

Application submission & Payer communication

Submitting applications for credentialing and effectively communicating with payers are critical steps in the process of becoming an in-network healthcare provider.

Medicare revalidations and Yearly maintenance

Medicare revalidation and yearly maintenance are essential processes for healthcare providers who participate in the Medicare program.

Re-Credentialing and Demographic updates

These processes help providers stay in compliance with payer requirements and facilitate seamless billing and communication.

ERA,EFT & EDI enrollment

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enrollment are essential components of streamlining administrative processes in the healthcare industry.

Hospital Billing

Billing Solutions for Hospitals

Our hospital billing services are designed to streamline billing processes for hospitals, ensuring timely payments and revenue optimization.

Inpatient Billing

Efficient billing for inpatient services and procedures.

Outpatient Billing

Accurate billing for outpatient services and clinics.

Medical Coding

Precise medical coding for hospital services and procedures.

Coverage Discovery

Discover Unclaimed Coverage

Our coverage discovery services help healthcare providers identify unclaimed insurance coverage, ensuring maximum reimbursement.

Coverage Analysis

Thorough analysis of patient coverage to identify potential claims.

Reimbursement Maximization

Maximize reimbursement by identifying and claiming unutilized coverage.

Claim Submission

Efficiently submit claims for discovered coverage opportunities.